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Comfort and Essentials Box

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More about the Comfort and Essentials Box

Enjoy the ultimate pampering and self-care package while making a positive impact! The Comfort and Essentials Box makes the perfect gift filled with relaxing essentials, gourmet foods and self-care favourites from small businesses across Canada. This Happy Box is all about keeping your spirits high while enjoying the sweeter things in life.

In this box, you’ll find an assortment of items like:
  • Candles
  • Snacks (Cookies, Chocolate, Popcorn, Snack Mixes)
  • Skin-Care Products (Small Batch Soap, Hand Cream, Face Mask, Lip Care)
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Cozy Items (Socks, Scarves, Eye Pillow)
  • Gourmet Food Items (Olive Oil and Balsamic, Soup Mixes) 
      Comfort and Essentials Box

      What to expect from The Happy Box

      • Free Shipping anywhere in Canada

        Enjoy free shipping to any address in Canada.
        US shipping options available at checkout.

      • Sourced from Small Businesses

        We exclusively work with small business makers and artisans, bringing you one-of-a-kind finds.

      • Unique Assortment

        Each box may be a unique assortment of items, always of the same quality and value.

      More About The Happy Box

      Curated to support local shops and make you smile.

      The Happy Box is designed to support local shops, artists and makers and put a smile on people’s faces.

      We curate fun, themed boxes packed with items from small businesses across Canada and deliver them to your doorstep (or someone else's).

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