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The Hero Box

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The Hero box is an assortment of local goodies designed to give thanks to those taking care of us. Whether they are on the front-lines or someone who has gone above and beyond for you, this box will have your hero feeling loved and appreciated. In this box you'll find items like:
  • Thank You Hand Rescue Cream
  • A Nite Hood (the softest hood that you can pull over your eyes to nap anytime of the day)
  • Frontline Rescue Shower Steamers
  • 'Smells Like a Quiet Moment' candle
  • Gourmet meal kit
  • Snacks
  • Chocolate
  • 'Hero' coaster

Each box is unique and the assortment is curated with items from many local shops.

While items may vary, they will be of the same quality and value.

Sourced from local shops & artisans

Free delivery across Canada

Handled wearing gloves and masks

Every box sold helps local shops move inventory and generate cash flow.