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Explore Your Happy Box

COVID-19 has impacted local shops, artists and makers the most. Our goal is to help local shops stay in business and put a smile on your faces. We purchase items from local businesses across Canada, bundle them into fun themed boxes and deliver them to your door (or someone else’s).

Candle from Mimi and August

Mimi and August is a female-run, eco-conscious boutique in Montreal Quebec. This candle is designed to be as zero-waste as possible and you get to reuse its ceramic container as a cup too! This means that once your candle is totally burnt, wash it so it can become your favourite coffee and tea mug. Learn more about Mimi and August here.

Pancake Mix from Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

’Tis the season for the fluffiest pancakes and now you can whip them up from the comfort of your home. Mildred’s Temple Kitchen is tucked away in the heart of Liberty Village and is committed to providing locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, simply and sumptuously prepared. Learn more about Mildred’s Temple Kitchen here.

One more Cocoa Chocolate

Based in Whitby Ontario, this BIPOC owned chocolate shop serves up delicious chocolate bars and more. Their name is Inspired by an old Caribbean proverb, “One One Cocoa, Full Basket”, meaning one step at a time will get you to your destination. One More Cocoa was born out of Caribbean heritage, memories, and love of chocolate. Learn more about them here.

Wabanaki Maple Syrup

Wabanaki Maple is a 100% Indigenous female-owned business located on Neqotkuk (Tobique First Nation).For many years, long before sugar, the Indigenous Peoples of the First Nations harvested the savoury sap from the maple trees of Canada. The tales of this savoury sap, with its sweet and woody flavour, travelled the world and so came the name 'maple syrup.' Today, Wabanaki brings us maple syrups enriched with flavour and culture. Learn more about Wabanaki Maple Here

Timeline from Board Games to Go

This fast-paced, trivia style game is always a party pleaser! Howard, the founder of Board Games to go started his business to share his passion and love for games by making it easy for anyone to try a game before committing to it! You can rent or buy games from this local shop located on Queen Street in Toronto. Learn more about them here.

Lotion Bar from Buck Naked

This bar provides extreme moisturizing with rich shea butter and cocoa butter that soothe and nourish skin. Surprisingly soft and light in texture, with only the natural scent of its base ingredients, you can use it anywhere on your face or body that requires some extra TLC.Rina and John, founders of Buck Naked are committed to bringing you all natural, vegan and chemical free skin care. They like to say, ‘if you can't (or shouldn’t) eat it, we won't use it.’ Learn more about them here.